Aside from the immense functionality within the system, I wanted to become part of the adilas team because everytime I interacted with them, they treated me like I was a valued customer.  They always listened to my requests/feedback in a way that showed me they truly want to improve their product and provide the best software possible to our industry. Simply put, they care. And, that is refreshing and rare in today’s world.

Shay Legg

Adilas Consultant, LotusLilly Consulting LLC


Our team is comprised of individuals who came from the cannabis industry with dreams of working with better cannabis software, and developers who have the knowledge to take those dreams and turn them into a virtual, software reality.

In 2008, we started as a point of sale for the automotive and car dealership industry; purchasing, selling and tracking every little aspect of a car down to the tiniest nut, bolt, and screw. We saw a need for the exact same micro-tracking in the cannabis industry. For every clone that thrives all the way to harvest, to the not-so-lucky plants that perish during any phase of growth, we know that tracking and reporting these movements to keep up with state compliance is of the utmost importance. 

Fast forward a few years, Adilas added cannabis leading professionals to our development and consultant departments; bringing with them a plethora of ideas and concepts to contribute to our dream board. After listening to their complaints and concerns about other products, their professional industry knowledge was exactly what we needed in order to take our software to the next level.

Which leads us to today. Our 3rd generation cultivation and production platforms are designed for both growers and producers of cannabis and hemp-related products, to help them succeed in this ever-changing world of rules, regulations, and compliance. Our team works cohesively to continue to design and evolve our software to meet the needs of cannabis business owners.